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Sea Glass Necklace

$ 95.00

As unique as the woman it adorns, this one of a kind, lovely shard of genuine sea glass is caged within a gold filled wire wrapped casing.  Graceful and elegant, this beautiful jewel of the sea measures over an inch, and suspends from a 16 inch, gold filled fancy link chain. 

Found whilst walking along the beach in Southampton with Tiger, this shard's thickness, smooth edges and frosted patina hint at a life beginning in the mid 1900's, when it became popular to package beverages in bright green glass bottles, and littering laws were still on the horizon.  

 Currently, bright green sea glass is still considered fairly common, but it too is starting to become increasingly hard to come by.  Influencing factors such as the growing popularity of 'sea glassing' as a leisure activity, widespread adherence to laws prohibiting littering in our ocean and the near total replacement of glass with plastic in bottle manufacturing hint to likely extinction of these emerald beauties in the years ahead.


  • 16-17" Inch Choker Necklace
  • Authentic Hamptons Found Sea Glass
  •  Gold Filled Chain & Wire
  • Hand Wire Wrapped 
  • Handmade Clasp and Bail

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