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The origin of Genuine Sea Glass dates back over two centuries when glass vessels first housed liquids.   Up until the 1960’s, sanitation departments in coastal towns and beachgoers regularly disposed of glass refuse into the ocean.  Wave-tossed and weather-worn by stormy skies and tumultuous tides, it takes a minimum of two decades to transform a jagged piece of discarded glass into a perfectly frosted ‘jewel of the sea’. 

 Today, green, brown and clear are the most prevalent on the sea glass color spectrum due to the number of bottles manufactured in the 19th Century.  Far more difficult to find are blue, pink and purple, with red, yellow, black, and gray rarer still.  Orange is considered by most to be the sea glass collectors ‘holy grail’.

With the advent of recycling and glass replacing plastic in beverage bottling, truly authentic, natural sea glass is becoming increasingly scarce.  As a result, the value of prestigious older, gem-quality shards continues to climb.  Due to its rarity and increased demand for the ‘real thing’ the industry has been inundated with fake sea glass.   If it’s simulated, recycled or cultured, Mother Nature didn’t make it.  Rather, it’s been manufactured by man to ‘look’ like real sea glass - Don’t be fooled by FAKE! 


The Hampton's Sea Glass collection re-interprets the design of traditional beach glass jewelry and seeks to challenge the status quo.  Infused with urban glamour and fashion-forward sophistication, its fresh perspective takes it from 'weekend craft show' to 'fashion week front row'.  Beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations, they embody refined elegance, old Hollywood glamour and Bohemian 'joie de vivre' - an essence that has effervesced from women adorning its shores for generations.

Revered artists, political royalty and Wall Street elite from all corners of the globe have luxuriated in the Hamptons. Much like the generations-old secrets hidden behind the hedgerows surrounding its palatial estates, 'life' prior to the rediscovery of these tiny jewels-of-the-sea will stay shrouded in mystery. As and when pieces are found with determinable origins, fascinating insights reveal clues about what life may have been like in the revered playground of the privileged so very long ago.

The exceptional sea glass showcased in this collection represent the very finest discovered about the north and south shores of Long Island.  With life stories as unique as the beholder they will one day adorn, each and every shard was unearthed personally with best friend and fellow explorer Tiger forever by my side. 

To preserve the beauty bestowed by Mother Nature, Hampton's Sea Glass shards are treated with a gentle coating of baby oil.  If ever a more natural 'frosted' appearance is preferred, simply bathe your special Van Der Muffin's Jewel in mild soapy water and let dry!

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