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Our Colored Diamond Collection celebrates the Carbonado Diamond, the out-of-this-world doppelganger of sparklers sourced from the Earth's core. Nearly identical to their Earth-born counterparts in chemical composition, the presence of nitrogen and hydrogen in their matrix proves inarguably they have extraterrestrial beginnings.

Considered the rarest, hardest and oldest diamonds in existence, scientists trace Carbonado origins to over 2 billion years ago - predating the creation of the solar system.  It is widely believed the 'space diamonds' formed as a result of immense heat and pressure created by an exploding star and its subsequent meteorite impact on the Earth's surface. 

 Geographically, Carbonado diamonds have only been discovered on the east coast of Brazil and the west coast of the Central African Republic.  Prior to the great continental divide, these two countries were connected as one. This lends additional credibility to evidence supporting origin light-years away from a single asteroid impact.

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