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*Rare Gray Sea Glass Bracelet

$ 135.00

Positively luminous, this very old and incredibly rare shard of medium gray sea glass is nearly crystal clear.  Glowing mysteriously with pink undertones, this naturally shaped, perfect glass marvel is nestled within a several gold filled wire wrapped strands.  The piece is flanked on each side with vintage Crown Trifari 'knot link' chain from the 1960's.  Measuring 7.5 inches, the piece is drawn together by a gold filled toggle clasp.


• 7.5 Inches 
• Gold Filled Wire Wrapped 
• Vintage Crown Trifari Knot Link Chain

Hamptons Sea Glass

• Smoky Gray
• Very Rare, Estimated Only 1 In 2,000 Shards Found
• Thick White Frosted Patina
• Approximately 1"L x .5"Dia.
• Nearly Transparent
• Discovered: Atlantic Ocean, Southampton, New York
• 100-150 Years Old 

Incredibly unusual to find a shard of this size and clarity in this color.   Gray was produced in very limited quantities in the late 1800's, as it was difficult to produce a shade of grey that could be replicated for commercial consumption.   Influenced by factors including the natural oxidization process, color mixing and prolonged exposure to sunlight, increasingly scarce grey glass could be found in greater abundance a century ago, it's mysterious hue ranging from smoke-gray to blue-gray to green-gray and everything in between. 

  *Currently Available Via Custom Order:  10-14 Day Turnaround. Message Me For Details!





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