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SOLD | 'SPI' Engraved Antique Love Token 14K RGF Bracelet

$ 165.00

This gorgeous rose gold filled gemstone beaded bracelet is inspired by romance, love and the awe-inspiring ’spark’ that has intrinsically connected sweethearts since the dawn of time. Featuring a one-of-a-kind, antique ‘love token’ coin from the Victorian Era. The miniature masterpiece showcases an incredibly intricate, hand engraved monogram with the elegantly interlocking initials P, S, and I.

Hosted on a United States issued Seated Liberty Dime circa 1886, the coin is embraced by a 14K rose gold filled wrapped encasing.  It is complimented by 10mm Obsidian gemstones with black, gray and gold chatoyant 'cat's eye' luster beaded on 7 inches of fine quality, heavy duty stretch cord.

Love token coins gained popularity in England during one of history’s most iconic monarchs - the reign of Queen Victoria from 1837 to 1901. Crowned at the tender age of 18 the young royal stole the country's heart with her affectionate and enchanting courtship and subsequent marriage to Prince Albert.

Typically bestowed by a gentleman to his lady love, the coins were most often engraved by hand with the suitor’s initials. They became fashion statements throughout Queen Victoria's six decade reign. Women across Europe and America adorned the sentimental keepsakes in abundance, wearing them as pins, pendants and bracelets. Each as unique as the love they honor, the centuries-old objects of affection and adoration are still greatly revered for their rarity and romantic symbolism

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