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Over four decades ago, I was introduced to Mackenzie Child's  by two of the most influential women in my life - my mother and her sister,  Barbara.  No more than six or seven at the time, I was enjoying a leisurely afternoon of window shopping along Manhattan's upper east side when we arrived at a majestically opulent brownstone in the 60's on Madison Avenue - Mackenzie Child's very first flagship store in New York City.  

Upon entering, my soul and spirit soared with curiosity. I was welcomed by an exuberance of unexpectedly vibrant colors and textures complimented with the most fabulous painterly checkerboard pattern design.  I was completely awestruck by every nook and cranny of this new found whimsical wonderland.  

 As I made my way throughout the store, I languished over the careful attention paid to every precise detail on the works of art displayed before me.  I fell in love with Mackenzie Childs that day, marveling for hours in a newly discovered magical wonderland of whimsy, opulence and eccentricity. 

 The first of countless visits to Mackenzie Childs, my adoration and appreciation for their artistic genius has grown in leaps and bounds since that afternoon visit so many years ago. Forever inspired, a love for finely crafted decorative art was unearthed that day that I've enjoyed exploring ever since. 



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