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Aqua Sea Glass Bracelet

$ 120.00

A beautiful sea foam green shard of genuine sea glass is positioned center-stage on this sterling silver 'everyday bracelet.  Complimented by gorgeous, flashy opals and sterling silver chain fringe, the bracelet positively radiates a palate of pastel greens, pinks and shades of golden yellow.  Featuring a handmade, sterling silver 'heart' easy hook clasp, the bracelet can be adjusted up to 8 inches, it's opposing end embellished with a beach glass and opal dangle completing the look.


• Adjustable To 8 Inches 
• Sterling Silver, 5x7mm Opals
• Handmade Sterling Silver Clasp

Genuine Hamptons Sea Glass

• Sea Foam
• Uncommon, Estimated Only 1 In 50 to 100 Shards Found
• Generous White Frosting
•  Rehydrated With Baby Oil For Luminosity
• 1.25"L x .5"H  3-4mm Thick
• Discovered: Atlantic Ocean, Southampton, New York
• 50-75 Years Old 

Considered 'uncommon', sea foam' green colored sea glass can generally be found most prominently in beach resort areas.  While becoming more prevalent in the late 1800's in the form of beer bottles, ink and fruit jars, the majority of sea glass found in this color today is attributable to the increased popularity and rise in manufacturing of Coca-Cola starting in 1915.  Soon becoming a lifestyle staple for Americans, these fun bottles were produced until 1960, when glass started being replaced by plastic. 





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