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Infused with style and sophistication, Van Der Muffin's Jewels' Hampton's Sea Glass collection re-imagines traditional beach glass jewelry taking it from 'weekend craft show' to 'fashion week front row'.  Every one-of-a-kind design endeavors to capture the refined elegance and Bohemian 'joie de vivre' that has effervesced from those adorning its priceless pristine shores for generations.


From Hollywood royalty and Wall Street elite to revered artisans and their esteemed clientele from across the globe have luxuriated in the Hamptons for decades. Much like the secrets obscured by the hedgerows of its palatial estates, the life stories of the colorful gems sprinkled about its sandy shore by the ebb and flow of the tides will forever remain a mystery. On occasion pieces are discovered with determinable origins offering fascinating insights into what life may have been like in this greatly revered 'playground of the privileged'.


The exceptional genuine sea glass featured in this collection showcase the very finest of tens of thousands of pieces found on the north and south shores of Long Island's ritzy East End.  Discovered whilst exploring the beaches and bays with 11 year old Labrador Retriever and fellow treasure hunter Tiger Sloane Van Der Muffin close in tow, the inherent beauty of each unique jewel of the sea is preserved and enhanced by a gentle coating of baby oil.  If a more natural frosted look is desired, simply bathe your jewel in soapy water and air dry! 





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